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We mean success

  • More than 50 clients have prospected the US market with our help and advice.


+15 companies decided to get established in the US and develop business with our team´s support.


  • The largest client being serviced by number of employees – 70.000 employees


  • Largest project gained in a construction bid by a client in the US - $1.2 Billion


  • Largest bid won by a client in civil engineering works in the US  - $56 Million


  • Most important project where our team has been involved creating a relevant impact – California High Speed Rail project – 20 year project budgeted at $68 Billion


  • Largest US institutional mission to Europe organized by us – More than 36 authorities and executives, including assembly members, senators and regulators from California.


  • Largest conference created by us in order to promote US businesses and projects in Europe – USAWEEK EUROPE – More than 50 speakers, including 10 investors, secretaries of transportation of California and Virginia and key leaders and authorities in different sectors. The largest US business conference in Europe by volume of projects showcased (+$140 Billion)


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