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Our People

We, at USA-EUROPE.ORG, working together with the European American Enterprise Council, have developed a unique ecosystem promoting Transatlantic collaboration and fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, and trade. These companies can meet and work instantly with a select group of hands on, industry specific, professional marketers, business developers and experienced executives who can genuinely and concretely help these companies generate new revenues.


German Loperena
Senior Partner



  • Number of cross-Atlantic clients serviced: More than 50

  • Largest corporation serviced by number of employees: 70 K

  • Largest engineering bid gained by client with our support: $ 56 Million

  • Largest cross-Atlantic event organized: USAWEEK EUROPE - More than $ 200  Billion announced in projects

  • Largest investment event organized: CES VEGAS / EU meets USA

  • Largest institutional mission from the USA to EU: CFEE Mission, with more than 30 US regulators & representatives 


  • Energy

    • ​​Spain: Institutional relations with regional government and public admins for reaching an agreement to provide 300.000 MT of waste and the support for developing a SAF plant with a € 350 Million Investment

    • USA: Scouting for Photovoltaic project Development. Introduced the client +1 GW

  • Transportation

    • USA: Supported client in gaining an Engineering Bid of $ 56 Million - High Speed Rail​

  • Agriculture​

    • USA: Business Development & Sales of Advanced Fertilizers. +$350K at year 2​

    • USA: Research support of Advanced Fertilizers. More than 20 trials with farmers and Universities at year 2.

    • USA: Investor relations: Achieved a valuation of the US  branch of $8 Million in 2 years

  • Consumer

    • Swiss: Sales and distribution channel for CBD cigarette manufacturer: +3.000 shops in one year

  • Government

    • Spain: Represented Economic Development Authority from US State: Attracted 2 companies to the State​

    • EU: Achieved resolution on favor of the EU in the California assembly, on favor of the ENRICH project

  • Tech

    • USA: Organizers of the key EU business event at CES Vegas

    • USA: Creation of the first EU accelerator, under EU contract - ENRICH USA

Our Network

We have been developing cross-Atlantic business for more than 15 years. During this time, we have dealt with all types of corporations, institutions and governments.


From CEOS to Ministers, including Secretaries of different US States, we have interacted with numerous talent, businesses, investors, industries, governmental bodies, regulators, legislators, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, EU and US institutions, universities, etc.. 

As a brief example, we are part of the Enterprise Europe Network, an EU institution that allow us to access the largest institutional network for economic development.  

We know how to reach the right people in both sides of the Atlantic. This is one of the reasons that we organized USAWEEK, a really tangible example of our capacity in connecting with decision maker talent to help economic and business growth.

Check the USAWEEK report and see the quality of the network & talent that we grow every day.

International business, our passion!


USAWEEK. GL has been a board member of the California Foundation on the Environment and the Economy. As well, GL is the president of Boston College Alumni Chapter in Spain.

EUROPEAN AMERICAN ENTERPRISE COUNCIL: We are the Enterprise Europe Network (EUROPEAN COMMISSION NETWORK) representatives in USA, ENRICH USA founders and the USA support for the European Innovation Council (EUROPEAN COMMISSION)

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