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We work and collaborate with government, economic development authorities, trade promotion agencies (IPA) and trade/industry associations.



A fluent relationship with authorities and regulators is key for the development of highly regulated / authority dependent projects

We are aware of the challenges you face when trying to achieve your FDI & Trade Promotion goals. Are you addressing these challenges with your organization´s in-house resources? How important is for your organization to have local market presence?

A brief case

One of our EAEC leading partners has been working with one of the most important European International Promotion Agencies (IPA) for more than 4 years. And the results are compelling:


Actions taken: Accredited training programme - international strategies for economic development - strategic industry sector investment plans - benchmark over 100 IPAs - entrepreneurship programs - generation of commercial pipelines across sectors - lead generation activities - and more...


Results: Active library of more than 40 sub sector propositions - over 100 specialists supporting foreign companies looking to set up - built out a network of private and public sector intermediaries - have directly supported over 3000 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) successes (working in close co-ordination with overseas posts and sector teams) - have created/ safeguarded over 200,000 jobs - overseas trade opportunities exceeding 600€ million and engaged companies with the capability to meet demand - developed an IT system to allow real-time decision making, the programme delivered against over 100 large-scale projects globally developed and supported training to over 400 members of IPA staff to help them achieve ongoing success - Between April 2011 and March 2014, the value of the country´s export activities has increased by 15.2€ billion.


This is just one example on how a successful International Promotion Agency went a step further. Although this IPA was globally considered as one of the leading organizations in FDI and Trade Promotion in the world, they challenged themselves to change, innovate and boost their results. 


But many times, these types of actions are not an option for institutions or IPAs because of organizational budget constrains, lack of resources, internal policies or that they are just not considering challenging themselves. To efficiently overcome these challenges, innovation is key. Adaptation to each IPA´s challenges, needs and resources is the other part of the equation. New proven approaches, experience, expertise and scalability are the attributes that will enable you to boost your results.


Let´s talk... Help us challenge you.


The following may be a good entry level challenge: 

Think about having more local presence at your targeted markets. It may be easier and more affordable than what you think.

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