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Day 1 - Infrastructures 

Brian Kelly

California Secretary of Transportation

California transportation outlook 

Brian P. Kelly stressed the commitment of the state of California and of its governor, Jerry Brown, to the high-speed rail Project. California has been repeatedly quoted as one of the fastest growing states in the coming years, in which more investment and projects are to be made in the infrastructure sector, both in highways, including local transport and water infrastructure, as well as in general civil works. The three main objectives that Kelly strives to accomplish with the transportation system in California are mobility, safety, and sustainability. Of these three goals, Kelly highlighted that sustainability would have the most influence on the types of investments the state would be making in the coming years.


As the California Secretary of Transportation, Kelly’s duty is to oversee twelve departments and several economic development projects. This responsibility consists of approximately 40,000 employees and a budget of $18 billion, one of the largest budgets in the state of California. 


“This conference provided an important opportunity to establish new relationships, share expertise and discuss    how we can wed experience with opportunity to improve infrastructure around the globe.” - Brian Kelly

Sean T. Connaughton

Virginia Secretary of Transportation

Main transportation projects in Virginia

Mr. Connaughton said that the city budget for transport infrastructure is growing every year – $400 million in 2013, compared to 2012 – and it is estimated that next year it will reach $680 million. The Virginia Department of Transportation conducts numerous projects and studies to determine the need, costs, and impacts of proposed highway projects across the commonwealth. These projects are financed through the Six-Year Improvement Program.


In addition, the agency maintains various plans for the future transportation needs of Virginians. The innovative Public-Private Transportation Act, passed by the General Assembly, encourages private investment in Virginia’s transportation system. Agencies that are part of the Transportation Secretariat provide a wide array of products and services including road construction and repairs, rest area maintenance, regulating sea ports, airports and rail, and issuing license plates and driver's licenses.


"USAWeek Europe was a great opportunity to show companies these business and investment opportunities in the state he represents, in which 80% of the transport budget is allocated to contracts of all kinds. Spanish and other European companies such as Ferrovial, Abertis, Cintra or ACS are already working on projects in Virginia." Sean T Connaughton

Mark Gale

CEO Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia Intnl Airport Capacity Expansion Project

Gale began his presentation with an overview of the Philadelphia region, stating that it is the sixth largest metro area and one of the largest economies in the United States. He also mentioned that there are over 750 foreign-owned companies in Philadelphia, employing over 120,000 people. He continued his presentation with the airport expansion project.


The Philadelphia International Airport will be extended – a $6.3 billion project under way, providing many opportunities for companies with experience in airport infrastructure. Philadelphia International Airport is the 11th busiest airport in the world and 9th busiest in the United States, with aircraft operations of 460,779 takeoffs and landings in 2010. The Airport also accommodated 30.7 million passengers in 2010. FAA forecasts indicate that the Airport will accommodate 760,000 takeoffs and landings by 2030 and move approximately 52.2 million passengers.


Two main issues that Gale spoke about were chronic flight delays and inefficient terminal design/layout. In response to these issues they have come up with the Philadelphia International Airport’s Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP). The main benefits of this program will be the creation of over 100,000 jobs over the 12-15 year construction, major growth, greater efficiency, and better customer experience throughout the airport that will serve as a large international gateway.  


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