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California HSR current facts. $700M contract is out.

RFQ FOR CALIFORNIA HIGH SPEED RAIL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT CONTRACT IS OUT. Market is open to large, medium and small engineering companies. Teams are forming right now! If you want to engage in this procurement process, time is short. If you are consiering entering this large contract as a subcontractor, we are able to help you. Let us know about your business and goals.

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Extract from the High Speed Rail Industry Forum, held in Sacramento last Jan 23rd, by the HSR authority*.

Connecting California

• Initial Operation Section: » 300 Miles

» Merced to Burbank

• Phase I:

» 520 Miles

» San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim

• Phase II:

» 800 Miles

» 24 Stations

» Connections to Sacramento and San Diego

Key Program Milestones

• Funding: » $3.3 Billion Federal and $4.7 Billion Prop 1A » 25% of Future Cap and Trade Proceeds

• Environmental Clearances: » Merced to Fresno: May 2012 » Fresno to Bakersfield: June 2014

• Construction Packages: » CP 1: Executed in August 2013, Under $1 Billion » CP 2-3: Contract Execution Expected in Spring 2015

» CP4: Statements of Qualifications Due at the End of February


• Ag Conservation & Preservation » Department of Conservation Solicits Farmland Mitigation Proposals » 5,000 Acres of Permanent Easements in the Central Valley

• Tier 4 Construction Equipment: » Engines Meet Nation’s Most Stringent Standards

• Mitigation with A Difference: » Lazy K Site:

• 530 Acres for Mitigation Activities » RFP for Habitat Mitigation in Central Valley

• Voluntary Emissions Reduction Agreement (VERA): » MOU with San Joaquin Unified Air Pollution Control District » Zero Net Emissions » Replaces Aging Equipment Including Tractors and Irrigation Pumps


• Electrification of the Caltrain Corridor

» Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board – Environmental Review Underway

• Transbay Terminal » Construction Proceeding

• Station Area Planning » Gilroy & San Jose


• Construction Package 1 » 29 Miles Between Madera and Fresno » Work is Underway

• Construction Package 2-3 » 65 Miles Between Fresno and Tulare-Kern County Line » Environmental Clearances Complete » Selected Preferred Design-Build Contractor


• Palmdale to Burbank/Burbank to Los Angeles » Public Outreach and Community Feedback »Palmdale: GoldenSpike

• Connectivity & Bookend Projects » Southern California Regional Interconnector Project (SCRIP) » Grade Separations

• Station Area Planning » Palmdale, Burbank & LA Union Station

HSR current contracts

RFQ Programm Management

NEW MODEL: REFLECTS EVOLUTION OF PROGRAM • Expanding from Planning and Preliminary Design Phase to Include

Program Delivery and Operations

• Accelerating Sections Concurrently to Deliver System Sooner

• New Model to Include Management, Integration and Delivery: » Delivery & System Integration » Seismic & Tunneling » Alternative Delivery

» High-Speed Rail Systems » Procurements & Contracts » Operations & Maintenance » Etc.


• Program Management » Manage and provide oversight for functional components of program


» Support critical decisions regarding program delivery approach, business case and/or master planning including alternate delivery methods

• Integration » Responsible for and manage coordination and compatibility between

contractors, trades, projects and technologies for the program

• Program Delivery

» Specialized technical experts who will manage and monitor the performance of associated work packages


• Contract Expiration Date in 2022 » Corresponds with Planned High-Speed Rail Operations

• Estimated Cost: $6-8 Million per Month » Cost includes two new areas of integration and program delivery

• Qualifications-Based Procurement » Includes Evaluation of a Program Delivery Approach » Key Personnel is very important


• Timeline » January: Release of Final RFQ for Procurement » March: Statements of Qualifications Due » April: Interviews & Negotiations with Highest Scoring Offeror

» June: Recommend of Award to Board of Directors » June: Notice to Proceed Issued, Transition Period Begins

CONNECTING CALIFORNIA: SMALL BUSINESS • 30% Goal for Small BusinessParticipation

»10% Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)

» 3% Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)

* Conference presenters from CHSRA: Frank Vacca, Scott Jarvis and José Camarena

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