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Opportunity for advanced liquid fertilizers in USA

As an example of the type of solutions that we are searching for, advanced liquid fertilizers such as bio-stimulants and self defense inducers are at the top of the list. Within this field, we consider the following leading categories:

Deficiency correctors - Advanced solutions to solve crop deficiencies, mainly caused by local environmental conditions like draught, high salinity or iron deficiencies, to name a few. These solutions work through the plant, the soil, or a combination of both.

Crop enhancers - Advanced solutions oriented to increase crop yield, by helping different plant functions, as for example:

Solutions that enhance the root uptake of nutrients and strengthens the root.Solutions that help fruit settingThose that help anticipate chilling hours, Solution, or a combination of solutions, that increases yield production in more than 10%. Solutions targeting to reduce the stress on the plant, produced by high or low temperatures, excess of inputs or negative environmental conditions.

Quality improvement – In high value crops, the increase of revenue as a result of the increase in quality can be really high, allowing these products to be highly priced, in correlation with the return they produce to the grower. As for example:

In some crops, improving color has a significant impact on the farmer´s revenues The better the brix (sugar) level, the more money for the farmerAccelerating maturity may give the farmer a competitive edgeProducing more homogeneous crop helps the farmer to sell

Self-defense Inducers are the latest innovation in the fertilizer field. They behave as “crop vaccines”, and make the plant increase its defenses against fungus and bacteria attacks. The more pressure of these types of attacks, the better the liquid solution behaves. These solutions help the grower optimize their fungicide use, and protect its fields better, allowing less chemicals applications, or even, the possibility of eradicating the use of fungicides. As well, everyday we are finding new attributes that help to add value to this type of solutions.

Remember the magic words: sustainable and non-residue.

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