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Water desalination technology request from India

Advanced technology for sea water desalination (Range 40 mld – 200 mld)


The Indian company is a reputed consulting, design and engineering company working on sea water desalination project. It is looking for a technical cooperation in the form of Joint Venture or Turnkey solutions for sea water desalination with a capacity in the range of 40 to 200 million litres daily (mld).

Reference TRIN20140918001



The Indian company is one of the largest independent consulting engineering organisations in

the world that enjoys a global reputation. Its expertise lies in the field of Process, Power and

Energy, Engineering and Environment.

The Indian company is working on a project on Sea Water Desalination (Range 40 mld – 200 Mld). Sea Water Desalination is a process that remove some amount of salt and other minerals from saline water to produce fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation.

Joint Venture or Turnkey solution provider is sought from the EU company regarding generation of pure water from sea water by membrane processes. The detailed technical expertise sought is regarding a suitable technology like Reverse Osmosis or Thermal desalting technology.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Applicable technology shall be:

• Reverse Osmosis

• Thermal desalting technology

for Sea Water Desalination (Range 40 mld – 200 mld).

Type and Role of Partner Sought

Type: Expertise in generation of pure water from sea water by reverse osmosis or thermal

desalting process.

Specific Area of Activity: Interested entity should have experience of design & engineering of

desalination plant, shall be willing to enter into consortium/joint venture with the Indian company.

Tasks to be performed: Technology and Assistance regarding osmosis or thermal desalting.

Type of Partnership Considered

Joint venture agreement

For further information, please contact German Loperena at

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