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Procurement opportunities with the USA Department of Defense for non-US companies.

The United States Government is, by far, the biggest customer in the world. The proposed federal budget for 2015, requested a total spending of $3.9 Trillion.

In the US there are over 85.000 agencies (1 Federal Government, 50 states, 3,042 counties, 14,566 school districts, 31,131 special districts, 35,963 cities and townships, 512 Native American tribes and 5 territories), and among them the biggest customer is the Department of Defense, with a total spending request in excess of $ 640 Billion. The United States spends on its defense, significantly more than the next 10 countries combined.

In the US there are approximately 20 million Public Workers, of which more than 2.1 million are employed by the DoD (which is therefore also the largest employer in the world).

In order to maintain this immense apparatus, the US DoD purchases almost everything everywhere. In particular, there are engineering and construction projects worldwide in excess of $17 Billion yearly. A consistent part of this money is spent in Europe, in Africa and in the Gulf Countries.

All these acquisitions take place using the US regulations named “FAR”, which is an acronym for Federal Acquisition Regulation, and the Defense supplement named DFARS.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), is present in 43 countries in the world and works in 132 countries (In Europe it has offices in Germany, Italy and Romania), the US Navy Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), is responsible for Southern Europe and Africa (Its Headquarters are in Naples, Italy).

The DoD is currently investing in many programs that require infrastructures:

  • Missile Defense Program

  • Weapon System Beddowns

  • Medical Center Replacement

  • DoDEA Milcon Program (Schools)

  • Consolidation at Enduring Locations

  • Presence in Gulf States

  • Focus on Africa

There are many opportunities, in Europe and Middle East, for Construction, Civil Engineering and Energy contractors totaling billions yearly. Many of these projects are NOT awarded to the lowest bidder, but use a Best Value Source Selection process. Only a few companies are actually competing outside of Continental US for US Projects.

The US Government Agencies normally pay within 30 days, and are financially the best counterpart in the world.

Non-US companies can take advantage of these opportunities.

Engineering & Construction projects include schools, hospitals, residential and industrial buildings, ports, airports, civil infrastrctures and energy, to name a few.

If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, contact German Loperena at

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