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Discover & Develop Business Opportunities in Infrastructure Projects - USA

Executive Education and Business Immersion in USA´s Infrastructure projects

Transportation & Water Projects - Hands on experience for engineering and construction companies interested in taking part of this growing market.

Did you know that?

  • There are billions of dollars in infrastructure projects being procured in USA right now!

  • Most of these are construction and engineering projects. Some examples:

- California High Speed Rail Project RFQs: more than $1 Billion out now! $2 Billion before end of year.

- Amtrak´s Rail North East Corridor project is procuring $ Billions (rail, stations, signaling, etc...)

- Philadelphia International Airport´s CEP program ($6Billion) moving forward.

- California drought is accelerating procurement for many water projects - with $ Billions

  • Transportation and Water are leading the way with small, medium and large projects.

  • Small, medium and large European companies are leading or being part of the winning teams.

  • In the fields of construction, engineering, project management, inspection and more...

2 Days of Executive Education at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Boston, led by top professors and recognized experts in leading transportation & water infrastructure projects. You will learn about current market opportunities, policy & trends, procurement processes, teaming agreements, legal requirements and paths to establish, operate and grow your business in the US.

During the working lunch sessions at the Harvard Faculty Club, you will interact with relevant infrastructure professionals.

2 Days of Business Immersion in California, interacting with infrastructure project leaders, companies operating locally and transportation & water authorities. You will get exposed to the major projects that are being procured and you will be able to apply all the lessons learned in Boston.

Tailored to C-Level , Directors and Executive Managers that need/want to get exposed/learn about USA projects, processes and opportunities...

June 29th - July 3rd

Final schedule, contents and agendas will be adapted to the profile of the registered firms.

Some of the key infrastructure stakeholders you will interact with*

Amtrak - North East Corridor

Philadelphia International Airport

California Transportation Commission

California High Speed Rail Authority

California Legislators

LA Metro


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

California Water Commission

And more meetings with related infrastructure companies & projects

To learn more about the program, click here.

To learn more about our expert network, click here.

*Subject to authority´s and executive´s schedule availability

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